what to expect from your family photography session in buckinghamshire

Hello! Let me express a warm welcome to you and your family to Steph Kiely Photography.

This guide was designed to walk you through the experience of a professional portrait session and to introduce you to the exciting options that Steph Kiely Photography has to offer.

The art of photography is much more than just producing pictures on paper. It’s about capturing the spirit, the characters and love of your family for you to reflect on in the years to come. In our busy lives it is so important to take some time every now and then to capture the unique milestones in life.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is truly getting to know you and your family so I can create portraits that reflect your family's unique character. 

I absolutely love what I do. It‘s my passion and creative outlet. I am obsessive about my art and pour every inch of my perfectionism into shooting, editing
and producing a unique collection of beautiful images for you. 

It is a honour and a joy to meet so many families and I look forward to working with yours in the future.

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Before Your Session

This may be your family's first time working with a professional photographer. If so let me reassure you that I am are here to work for and with you to make your session as happy and memorable as possible. This is your day to relax and enjoy your time together; I’ll do the rest!

Before the session you will receive my session contract and client questionnaire. 

The questionnaire gives me the opportunity to get to know you and your family, your desires and preferences for your session. You will receive some details of what to wear, location ideas, what to bring and a place and time to meet on the day of the session. 

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During Your Session

On the day of your session, we’ll meet at the agreed time and location and get the fun started! We can take as much time as needed to get your little ones used to the camera, to feel relaxed and comfortable.

I encourage you and your children to interact, play and have fun during the session so we can capture the natural characters and relationships. Be sure to bring some yummy snacks and water for your child and for yourself.  Children are unpredictable, that's what makes them so lovable! However if your child is not in good spirits on the day we totally understand! There is no rush, we will take it as it comes.

After Your Session

Sit back and relax! I will be hard at work editing your images so they are perfectly presented to you. 

Approximately two weeks after your session we will schedule an in person ordering appointment where you’ll have the opportunity to review the photos while making final print and product selections. 

This truly is the most amazing part of the process. You will see your photos come to life in print.

If you do have any questions or worries then please do feel free to ask away!

What shall we wear to our photography session?

Sounds like a silly question doesn’t it? It really isnt!

 This question always pops up in the planning of a photography session.

It is actually very important!

I’m always on hand to answer any questions or offer any advice wherever I can. Here are a couple of my top tips:-


Choose complimentary colours

This is important for everyone in the session. I would suggest neutral colours but I have many colour pallettes that you may request to see.

Don’t wear any tops or shirts with big logo or pictures on.

These date your photo’s far quicker than you think. They are also very distracting.

What to wear to a family photography session in aylesbury buckinghamshire
Photography session tips aylesbury buckinghamshire

There are many ways to help your photography session run smoothly and to get the very best out of our time together.

Here are just a few little pointers for you.


This can be crucial in so many ways. 

We need to try and pick a time when little ones will be happy and not too tired or hungry.

That said, if you are choosing a location shoot it is also important to remember that the best time of day to photograph outside is very early morning or late in the afternoon evening. Sometimes, I will ask you to meet me at a time that may well mess with dinner time or bed time or feel earlier than you can ever imagine being presentable and out of the house. 

But this is purely because I know it will give you the most beautiful images to cherish forever. 


If you would like to consider a location session, it is worth thinking ahead of a place that means something to you and your family. This could be your home, favourite park or even your favourite dog walk.

It’s important to remember to try and keep distractions to a minimum when photographing children. Therefore I would advise that we don’t have your session near a play park. By all means, we could certainly head there for some fun after your session. 

 Food And Drink

It is certainly worth bringing plenty of food and drink to your session. This will keep little ones rehydrated and hopefully happy!

Whilst I am not completely against bribery when it comes to children, sometimes, it is the only way to get what we are after. I would strongly advise treats to be given AFTER the session. Treats given during the session can actually be very distracting and in some cases, can be counterproductive.


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There are many types of Photography sessions that you may consider booking.

If you cannot see what you are after here then please do feel free to get in contact and I will prepare a custom made quote for you.

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Photography collections aylesbury, buckinghamshire

These collections are designed with our most popular products in mind. Despite the transition to digital files and social media, the goal of our session is to provide you with the most beautiful heirloom pieces that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

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"Steph provides a first class, professional and friendly service.

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"steph was fun, fast, and put us at such ease.”

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“Steph is amazing at what she does, We all instantly got on so well.”

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